French startup develops self-learning AI chipset

February 21, 2019 //By Peter Clarke
French startup develops self-learning AI chipset
AnotherBrain SA (Paris, France) has raised €10 million (about US$11.4 million) in venture capital for the creation of a chipset to implement what the company calls organic AI.

The money has come from European, US and Chinese funds including: Alpha Intelligence Capital, Daphni, Global Founders Capital, Cathay Capital and Aglae Venture.

AnotherBrain characterizes its machine learning technology as being modelled at a higher level than the microscopic, neuron level saying it models the brain at larger scale where neuronal populations have a dedicated function such as the perception of motion or curvature. It also claims its self-learning and generally applicable to sensory inputs, be they vision, audio or smell.

This forms a control system that is able to learn without human supervision and to explain its decisions. It works in real time, with minimal energy and data consumption; far ahead of the current AI based on neural networks calculated by deep learning, the company claims.

Typical applications for the chipset are expected in industrial, automotive and IoT.

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