Gas sensor sniffs out diabetes

April 04, 2019 //By Peter Clarke
Gas sensor sniffs out diabetes
AerNos Inc. (San Diego, Calif.), a developer of nano-scale gas sensors, has announced that it has a design in for a wearable detector for diabetics, with partner company AerBetic Inc. (Birmingham, Alabama).

The unit can detect certain volatile organic compounds (VOCs) in exhaled gases that are indicative of hypoglycemic and hyperglycemic diabetic episodes. This is a function that has been fulfilled by trained dogs up until now.

It is claimed the always-on wearable from AerBetic will enable a higher quality of life for the more than 460 million people worldwide diagnosed with diabetes.

Initially the wearable will be designed as a stand-alone bracelet or pendant that includes sensors that detect the target gases, indicative of blood glucose levels, at parts-per-billion levels. Such a wearable can then connect to a smartphone or computer via Bluetooth or Wi-Fi communications. Software can be used to provide patient status or provide reminders. AerBetic intends to use machine learning to improve the performance of the sensors over time and tune the unit to the individual patient.

It would be expected that such a system would need to go through medical device certification, which can be a lengthy process.

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