Global chip market to return to low growth in 2019

November 27, 2018 //By Peter Clarke
Global chip market to return to low growth in 2019
The World Semiconductor Trade Statistics (WSTS) organization has raised its forecast for the value of the global chip market in 2018 for a third time but at the expense of halving its forecast for growth in 2019.

While the 2018 market has been supported by sustained strength in memory prices which are expected to propel that market up by 33.2 percent in 2018 pricing softness is now expected to see the memory market shrink in 2019.

WSTS Autumn 2018 forecast summary. Note: numbers in the table are rounded to whole millions of dollars, which may cause totals by region and by product groups to differ slightly. Source: European Semiconductor Industry Association.

In other markets and across geographies WSTS has knocked two or three percentage points off growth figures it gave for 2019 in August (see WSTS raises 2018 chip market forecast…again ). As result the overall 2019 market is expected to grow by 2.6 percent to reach $490 billion, up from $478 billion in 2018.

The $478 billion in 2018 represents an increase of 15.9 percent from 2017

In 2019 optoelectronics and sensors will show their market stability and achieve higher growth at 6.8 and 5.1 percent, respectively, than discrete semiconductors and integrated circuits, according to the European Semiconductor Industry Association, reporting the WSTS figures.

In terms of geography the Americas and Europe are set to become the slowest growing regions behind Asia-Pacific (including China) and Japan.

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