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July 02, 2018 //By Peter Clarke
Hanking offers MEMS foundry services
Hanking Electronics (Liaoning) Co. Ltd., a subsidiary of mining and metal processing conglomerate Hanking Group (Shenyang, China), is now offering MEMS foundry services from its 200mm wafer fab in Fushun, China.

The senior executives at Hanking Electronics have been there since the start of the Hanking's MEMS journey. They are CEO Lucy Huang and CTO Doug Sparks.

Sparks began the distribution of the Multi-User MEMS Processes (MUMPS) in China through Hanking as a means of access and education. MUMPS is a system of standardized process modules that enables the sharing of wafer area by multiple customers, similar to multiproject wafer (MPW) runs in CMOS. The MUMPS program was originally developed at the University of California Berkeley in the 1980s but ended up being administered by Memscap SA (Bernin, France).

Sparks also led the acquisition of the inertial MEMS business assets from Maxim, including 3dof and 6dof IMUs, which are now in manufacture and offered for automotive, mobile communications, drones, IoT, virtual reality systems, medical devices, and industrial robotics.

Hanking does not appear in the top 19 MEMS foundries for 2017 as listed by Yole Developpement implying that annual sales at Hanking remained below about $5 million per year up until then.

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