High-performance thin-film chip terminator

September 04, 2020 // By Christoph Hammerschmidt
High-performance thin-film chip terminator
The Japanese thin film technology expert Susumu has developed a new family of high-frequency terminating resistors for use in mobile radio circuits, especially in base stations. Designed as thin-film chip terminators, these robust components are suitable for continuous operation under varying loads. The protection of the output stage, as well as the perfect power matching to the antenna, is always guaranteed.

The termination resistors of the HPT product family are designed as thin film resistors based on aluminum nitride (AlN). This design avoids inherent mechanical stress; frequent load changes do not lead to fatigue and the impedance is not affected by the load changes. The wrap-around leads encompass the entire chip terminator at the contact points, thus ensuring a problem-free and reliable soldering process. Efficient heat dissipation ensures reliable protection against overload even with high inrush currents.

The HPT family consists of seven models, which differ in their maximum power output; the power spectrum ranges from 2.5 watts to 100 watts. Depending on the model, a maximum frequency of 3 to 15 GHz is permitted. With their exceptionally wide operating temperature range of -55°C to +125°C, the components are qualified for outdoor use and generally in harsh environments.

The terminating resistors of the HPT family are ideally suited for use in mobile phone base stations - also for the new 5G mobile phone network. Other applications include high-frequency power sources and wireless communication devices of all kinds.

More information: https://www.susumu.co.jp/common/pdf/n_catalog_partition32_en.pdf?v=20180406

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