IIT Bombay developers make the first India Microprocessor - AJIT

April 23, 2019 //By Wisse Hettinga
IIT Bombay developers make the first India Microprocessor - AJIT
From design to silicon, ‘Make India’ takes a new step forward

Researchers from the IIT Bombay have developed the first ever India processor. The team (Prof Desai and his team of students---C. Arun, M. Sharath, Neha Karanjkar, Piyush Soni, Titto Anbadan, Ashfaque Ahmed, Aswin Jith, Ch. Kalyani and Nanditha Rao) used a tool set called AHIR-V2, that can convert an algorithm to hardware and which was developed completely at IIT Bombay to design the microprocessor circuit.

Being able to master these developments is a major step forward for the microprocessor industry in India. To be able to develop and produce microprocessor will also mean the industry will be less dependent on the import of processors. The market in India is huge! The AJIT processor is not to be compared with the Intels and AMDs of this world, but the processor will finds its way in many domestic and industrial devices that needs control.

More information on IIT Bombay can be found on  https://www.iitb.ac.in



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