IMEC starts quantum computing initiative

May 17, 2016 //By Peter Clarke
Bloch Sphere
European research institute IMEC has taken work it is doing in preparation for the 5nm manufacturing node for silicon and is turning it towards quantum computing.

Quantum computing, still largely a theoretical academic pursuit, makes use of quantum mechanical phenomena such as superposition and entanglement of states within atoms to perform certain types of calculation not possible or practical on classical computers.

While there have been many attempts to build qubits, the basic computational building block of a quantum computer, those that could be made in silicon would have the advantage of easier integration with conventional silicon devices and the outside world.

IMEC said it plans to establish a bridge between the most advanced transistor technology and emerging quantum technology options as a natural extension of its silicon platform. This will be open to universities, small companies and industrial partners of its quantum technology collaborative research programs.

"IMEC's industry relevant silicon platform for the advanced technology nodes, is currently used to screen technology options for the 5nm nodes and beyond. The same platform is hence the ideal basis to start implementing quantum devices as quantum effects are becoming the starting point of developing a quantum platform," said Jo De Boeck, CTO at IMEC, in a statement.

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