Intel granted licence to supply Huawei

September 22, 2020 //By Peter Clarke
Intel granted licence to supply Huawei
US chipmaker Intel has received licenses from the US authorities to supply certain products to Chinese communications giant Huawei, according to reports.

Huawei has been the focus of a crippling embargo imposed by the United States denying it access to chips of its own design made for it by foundry TSMC (see US government reinforces Huawei chip embargo ). The embargo has been causing Huawei smartphone and equipment businesses to stall for lack of chips. The US has argued that design and manufacture of leading-edge chips depend on US technology and are not allowed without a special license.

After squeezing Huawei and its semiconductor subsidiary HiSilicon for more than a year Intel has now been granted a license, according to Reuters and the state-backed China Securities Journal.

Many other companies have also applied for similar licenses including MediaTek, Chinese foundry SMIC and SK Hynix.

Reuters reported that SK Hynix has not been granted a license and that non-US firms are unlikely to receive US approval, but did not disclose its source.

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