Intel's incoming CEO tips 'IDM-lite' position

January 22, 2021 // By Peter Clarke
Intel's incoming CEO tips 'IDM-lite' position
Pat Gelsinger is not yet Intel CEO, but he has already given his views on the balance of internal and external manufacturing Intel will have in 2023.

Gelsinger was recently announced as the replacement for Bob Swan, starting in the CEO's role on February 15 (see Gelsinger returns to lead Intel) and as CEO-in-waiting was invited on to the conference call to discuss Intel's 4Q20 financial results.

Gelsinger said that he has already had a chance to review progress on Intel's own 7nm manufacturing process and that he is confident that the majority of Intel's products will be manufactured internally in 2023.

"At the same time, given the breadth of our portfolio, it's likely that we will expand our use of external foundries for certain technologies and products. We will provide more details on this and our 2023 roadmap once I fully assess the analysis that has been done and the best path forward," he said.

Because of Gelsinger's experience as a CTO and chip designer with Intel, it had been speculated that he was being brought in to re-invigorate Intel as a semiconductor manufacturer, where it was once the world leader but an area where it has fallen behind in the last decade (see Intel goes foundry for 7nm due to yield issues).

And on the call Gelsinger left no doubt why he has been brought in. He stressed that in his first spell of duty at Intel, of 30 years, he operated under the company’s first three CEOs; Bob Noyce, Gordon Moore and Andy Grove. He also said he sees promising signs that a manufacturing rejuvenation has already begun. "I was . . . very pleased to see some of the long-term innovations coming out of TD [technology development] as we work to close any gaps with external foundries, as well as leap ahead. And clearly we're not interested in just closing gaps. We're interested in resuming that position of the unquestioned leader in process technology and that's our commitment."

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