Internet blackouts by 2020, warns nanoelectronics book

November 09, 2015 //By Peter Clarke
Internet blackouts by 2020, warns nanoelectronics book
CHIPS 2020 Vol 2: New Vistas in Nanoelectronics looks at the state-of-the-art in nanoelectronics but its most significant finding is at the global scale; that unless changes are made the proliferation of nanoelectronics is set to produce blackout failures of the Internet by 2020 due to a lack of electrical power.

In short, the global population's eagerness to get itself and everything it owns online is leading to a data explosion that is consuming 40 percent more power every year and the Internet's power demand could soon rival the world's available power resources.

Mobile Internet traffic in exabytes per month. Source: Cisco, VNI Mobile.

This is leading to fears of major Internet blackouts by as soon as 2020. Such blackouts would likely be manifested around global events such as natural or man-made catastrophes or worldwide sports coverage, says the research book's editor Bernd Hoefflinger.

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