Is it time to start getting over Brexit?

February 21, 2019 //By Chris Wootton, CEO, Chemigraphic Ltd.
Is it time to start getting over Brexit?
Chris Wootton, CEO of EMS provider Chemigraphic Ltd., considers what companies can and should be doing with regard to the supply chain, not withstanding the uncertainties of Brexit.

Times are changing for the UK and its place in manufacturing, globally. Whilst it is unclear what the exact nature and repercussions of Brexit will be, it’s clear that OEMs and the electronics manufacturing services (EMS) industry as a whole is taking urgent steps to mitigate risks. Whatever the deal (or no deal) it's almost inconceivable that there’s not going to be any disruption. So, what can we do about it? How can we get over it?

View the situation from all angles

To protect their customers, EMS providers need to take a highly, proactive global outlook by seeing the situation from all angles and mitigating risk and disruption wherever possible. Some are better set-up to cope with this change. At Chemigraphic, we are the only UK EMS with a Business Continuity Management System that is aligned to the international standard ISO22301. This is a 'whole of company' BCMS that risk-assesses and drives mitigation into literally every aspect of business resilience - not just the obvious things such as facilities and services incidents. By default, this means that we are exceptionally resilient and well-placed to endure any external pressures.

Anticipate the extra material demands - and act!

We are noticing an increase in customer demand to mitigate the risk of supply shortage, which further absorbs more materials, and we understand this is true of wider industry. EMS companies are carrying more stock than they traditionally would which is creating unnaturally high demand for materials. We’re seeing that customers who have already reviewed their requirements with regards to Brexit have modified their forecasts and taken increased call-off offers to build their buffer stocks. When all the customers ask for more stock the net effect is that EMS companies get very busy!

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