The joy of patents, part 1: The fun stuff

May 19, 2016 // By Scott Deuty
The joy of patents, part 1: The fun stuff
Scott Deuty has started writing and editing patents and so has decided to write a series of articles around the topic. These he stresses are not advice columns – as he is neither a lawyer nor a patent attorney – but think pieces.

You may think I’ve finally lost it by taking on a frustrating issue such as patenting. Furthermore, I’ve spoofed on a beloved icon such as Bob Ross and his coveted painting series. Fact is, I have been editing and writing patents as a freelancer and am enjoying it.

This blog is about my experiences in a quest for you readers to get your idea patented and pursue your entrepreneurial side. At the very least, I hope to increase your value as an employee by enlightening you so that you can at least work with the corporate lawyers in your company (or your external firm). By the way, I haven’t finally lost it. I lost it years ago. I could use a checkup from the neck up for sure.

Because I am about to write about a law-based subject I must state that I am not a lawyer or patent agent nor am I giving any legal advice. I’m simply writing about my observations as a freelancer most of which deals with writing and editing patents. I have also searched patents for myself and as a freelancer. I have some experiences to share there as well.

When I mentioned this subject to Stephen Taranovich my editor, he commented that one of the more iconic industry contacts referred to his disdain for patent trolls or vultures who misuse patents and often wait for companies to fall on hard times and seize their IP for next to nothing in cost. I have experienced this first hand while representing technology on behalf of clients. To say the least, it “ain’t purty”. The same fine people that cut benefits and outsource also like to pay nothing for technology they make billions off.

Patenting is like any government-based task; it is performed according to a set of rules. Throw in the fact that you deal with laws and lawyers and you will send most people running.

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