KEMET expands temperature range of its tantalum polymer caps

June 12, 2019 //By Julien Happich
Tantalum polymer capacitors
KEMET has expanded the temperature capability of its T598 tantalum polymer surface mount capacitors for ADAS and autonomous driving.

AEC-200 qualified T598 Tantalum polymer capacitors have excellent volumetric efficiency, which in tandem with high capacitance values now up to 470mF, voltage offerings of 2.5VDC – 50VDC and new single digit ESR, means single components can be used where current solutions dictate that multiple devices must be used. This in turn can help designers achieve both board real estate and cost savings. The devices offer robust and stable performance to 2000 hours at temperatures up to 125°C for an ultra-extended mission profile of around 15 years. This makes them well suited for vehicle applications ranging from ADAS features such as blind spot detection, adaptive cruise control and emergency brake assist, to safety systems including airbag occupant detection and alarm systems and electronic stability control.


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