Keyssa launches 60GHz contactless connector 

April 14, 2017 // By Peter Clarke
Keyssa launches 60GHz contactless connector 
Keyssa Inc. (Campbell, Calif.), a startup that demonstrated a 60GHz wireless data transfer system in 2014, has announced the availability of component connector.

The KSS104 has improved electrical and mechanical tolerances, reduced standby power, improved testability, and support for additional protocols. The KSS104 is available as both a semicustom embeddable component or as part of a plug-and-play module.

The contactless connector offers a data rate of 6Gbits/s and supports PCIe and high-speed video signals in addition to previously supported protocols including USB SS, DisplayPort and SATA. The KSS104 therefore opens up new markets such as HDTVs and Data Centers.

"We have really focused on making our high-speed solution simple to integrate and easy to test throughout the design and manufacturing process," said Sri Gondi, vice president of engineering, in a statement. "The concept of high-speed Kiss Connectivity is gaining a lot of traction in the marketplace, both externally as a device-to-device connector, but also internally as a board-to-board, high-speed wireless connector," said Eric Almgren, CEO of Keyssa, in the same statement. The KSS104 supports both intra- and inter-equipment deployment.

The KSS104 is available in sample volumes and is due to go into mass production in June 2017.

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