LeddarTech plans two lidar signal processor ICs

August 16, 2016 //By Peter Clarke
LeddarTech plans two lidar signal processor ICs
LeddarTech Inc. (Quebec, Canada), a developer of solid-state Lidar technology for autonomous vehicles, has announced it is developing two signal processing cores to handle Lidar information for ADAS and autonomous driving applications.

The LC-A2 targets automation layers 1 to 3, with the first samples scheduled for the second half of 2017. The LC-A3, which will meet the specifications for automation layers 2 to 4, is expected to sample in 2018.

LeddarTech is developing technology with a range of up to 250 meters, a field of view up to 140º, and up to 480,000 points per second with a resolution down to 0.25º both horizontal and vertical, the company said. The LeddarCore processing ICs will provide the ability to map the environment over 360 degrees around the vehicle.

The ICs are intended to provide ADAS and autonomous functions, where Lidar replaces or complements camera and/or radar.

The company is adopting an ARM-like business model and is in the process of selecting partners for the design, manufacturing and commercialization of the chips.

"Rather than commercializing a one-size-fits-all Lidar as a finished product, LeddarTech provides best-in-class Lidar core technology packaged into chipsets. We put our unique expertise in Lidar at the service of our clients, enabling them to develop optimized Lidar designs to drive proprietary, differentiated ADAS/AD solutions,” said Charles Boulanger, LeddarTech’s CEO, in a statement.

LeddarTech was founded in 2007 as a spin off from Canada's National Optics Institute (INO).

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