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March 02, 2020 //By Peter Clarke
Low-cost European FPGA launched with IPCEI support
The European Union backed Important Project of Common European Interest (IPCEI) has helped a German chip company support continental strategic independence with a low-cost, European designed and manufactured FPGA family.

"I am particularly pleased that we were able to carry out this successful product development in cooperation with Globalfoundries," said Michael Gude, CEO of Cologne Chip, in a statement. "Our customers benefit from the European-based production at Globalfoundries' Fab 1 in Dresden. Thus, the risk of trade restrictions or high customs duties is minimized with GateMate FPGA."

Thomas Morgenstern, general manager of Globalfoundries in Dresden, said: "GateMate FPGA is an excellent example of how innovative semiconductor solutions can be designed and manufactured in Europe. The combination of our low power 28SLP technology with our manufacturing strength in Dresden and the deep design know-how of the Cologne-based development team have resulted in a new FPGA family which will make a difference in the markets it is addressing."

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