MagnaChip offers simplified 700V process

January 16, 2017 //By Peter Clarke
MagnaChip offers simplified 700V process
Analog and mixed-signal chip vendor MagnaChip Semiconductor Corp. (Seoul, South Korea) has announced it is offering a 0.35-micron process that supports 700V breakdown voltage called HP35ULA700.

This together with process simplification reduces manufacturing time and cost, the company said.

The process provides 700V nLDMOS, 700V JFET, 30V n/pMOS(Vg=Vd=30V) and 5.5V CMOS devices that are suitable for manufacturing AC-DC converter ICs and LED driver ICs.

MagnaChip provides various high voltage processes but HP35ULA700 eliminates four photolithography steps through process simplification. Among the devices offered in HP35ULA700 are 700V low Ron nLDMOS, 400V/500V nLDMOS, 700V JFET, 30V high voltage device, 5.5V CMOS, BJT, 700V resistor, fully isolated 30V diode, BP cap, and MIM and fuse.

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