MediaTek falls as AMD, Nvidia climb fabless ranking

November 16, 2017 // By Peter Clarke
MediaTek falls as AMD, Nvidia climb fabless ranking
MediaTek's sales revenue decreased by more than 18 percent in 3Q17 compared with a year before as it was overtaken by Nvidia in a fabless chip company ranking from market research firm TrendForce Corp.

MediaTek's year-on-year revenue dropped by 18.8 percent while Qualcomm recorded revenue growth. Both companies play in the smartphone market. Although MediaTek introduced the P23 and P30 processors in response to the demand in high-end smartphone market Qualcomm is moving to 14nm process technology and is highly competitive on price. As a result, MediaTek experienced a drop in smartphone chip shipments, TrendForce said.

Fabless chip companies ranked by 3Q17 revenue. Source: TrendForce Corp.

Notes: 1) Nvidia's revenue excludes revenue from OEM business and IP licensing. 2) Exchange rate taken as a $1 = NT$31. 3) Qualcomm's revenue is only that from Qualcomm CDMA Technologies (QCT) and excludes all other sources, such as Qualcomm Technology Licensing (QTL).

Nvidia achieved 40 percent annual growth as it continues to sell GPU style component into data centers for use in machine learning applications and its original gaming market has been resurgent. Nvidia game segments increased from $1,133 million in 2Q17 to $1,436 million in 3Q17, with a year-on-year growth rate of 31.8 percent. Its data center sales recorded 3Q17 revenue of $472 million compared a year-on-year growth rate of 124.7 percent.

AMD's good performance came from increased pricing for new processors and GPUs. The positive market feedback led to a net profit of $71 million in 3Q17.

Broadcom's bid for Qualcomm has been officially rejected by Qualcomm's board of directors but TrendForce expects Broadcom to continue to negotiate with the board and key shareholders until the BoD is forced to accept an acquisition proposal. However, that will not be the end of the matter as it will likely come under antitrust scrutiny from the governments worldwide.

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