MEMS design tool upgrades to CoventorMP 1.3

July 21, 2020 // By Peter Clarke
MEMS design tool upgrades to CoventorMP 1.3
CoventorMP 1.3 offers enhanced devices construction and modeling with improved simulation performance compared with the previous version.

These include GDS import and the ability to mesh arbitrary geometries in the MEMS+ modeling suite.

Accurate simulation of highly perforated plate structures typically found in MEMS are now supported with up to 3 million degrees of freedom along with automated selection of the mesh algorithm. Users can now create auto-meshed designs directly from layout.

CoventorMP 1.3 has improved control of result file sizes, resulting in reduced simulation time and disk space used.  MEMS+ model output options that are now available during MATLAB simulations can substantially reduce simulation times.

New support is available for the MEMSCAP PolyMUMPS and SOIMUMPS foundry processes in MEMS+.  An expanded library of device examples has also been provided in CoventorMP, along with enhancements to the CoventorMP Online Help System.

CoventorMP 1.3 will be installed and deployed at all major customers in the US, Europe, Asia and worldwide.

"The latest CoventorMP product release delivered a breakthrough in MEMS design capabilities." said Sam Zhang, director of MEMS Design and ADI Fellow at Analog Devices, in a statement issued by Coventor. "With the introduction of GDS import capabilities and the ability to mesh arbitrary geometry in MEMS+, we can quickly and accurately evaluate the performance of a MEMS design at both the device and system level."

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