MEMS oscillator improves wireless charging systems

October 04, 2021 // By Peter Clarke
MEMS oscillator improves wireless charging systems
The SiT3901 is a digitally controlled MEMS oscillator (DCXO) that can improve wireless charging speed by up to 25 percent in mobile and IoT applications.

The product is made by SiTime Corp. (Santa Clara, Calif.) and is suitable for wireless charging systems in smartwatches, activity trackers, hearing aids, and wearables.

Wireless charging standards such as Qi and AirFuel rely on resonant power transfer to enable proximity charging. However, environmental interference may dynamically impact the resonant charging frequency, which slows down the charging process. The SiT3901 enables the charger to dynamically tune the resonant frequency, maximizing power transfer and delivering up to 25 percent faster charging. The digital control feature on the SiT3901 DCXO eliminates the need for additional passive components on the board, reducing the timing solution area by up to 90 percent.

Micropower MEMS oscillators consume up to 90 percent less power and up to 90 percent less space compared to quartz oscillators, enabling environmentally friendly electronics. The SiT3901 offers high resilience to analog noise and includes the following features:

Ultra-low 105 micro-amps of current consumption (typical)

Ultra-wide digital pull range (up to 15%) for output frequency

Stability over temperature of ±50 and ±100 ppm

Wide temperature range, from -40 oC to +85 oC

Ultra-small 1.5 mm x 0.8 mm package size

Programmable frequency from 1 MHz to 26 MHz

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