MIT optical AI spin-off raises funds from Baidu

February 12, 2018 //By Peter Clarke
MIT optical AI spin-off raises funds from Baidu
Lightelligence Inc. (Boston, Mass.) is a second startup company spun out of Massachussets Institute of Technology to commercialize optical processing as an approach to artificial intelligence.

The company's description of its technology shows similarities to that of Lightmatter Inc. (see MIT spin-off raises funds for optical processor ).

Lightelligence has announced it has received seed funding of about $10 million in a funding round led by Baidu Ventures and a group of US semiconductor executives. Baidu is the leading Chinese internet services company.

Lightelligence is developing nanophotonics to accelerate artificial neural networks, particularly recurrent neural networks, with the advantages of ultra low latency, high throughput and high power efficiency.

Lightelligence is licensing its technology on an exclusive basis from MIT Technology Licensing Office. The patents outline the foundation of the technology and cover the fundamental principal, component design, system design and algorithms.

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