New MCUs have industry-leading analogue front end

May 28, 2019 //By Ally Winning
Renesas’ RX23E-A series of 32-bit RX MCUs offer the combination of a high-precision analogue front end (AFE) and an MCU on a single chip.
Renesas’ RX23E-A series of 32-bit RX MCUs offer analogue performance previously only achievable with dedicated ADCs with high-precision operational amplifiers.

The RX23E-A MCUs Renesas first solutions that enable analogue signals for temperature, pressure, weight, and flow signals to be measured at better than 0.1% precision without calibration.

The new MCUs achieve AFE precision at the highest class in the industry (offset drift: 10 nV/°C, gain drift: 1 ppm/°C, and RMS noise: 30 nV rms), which could previously only be achieved by combining dedicated ADCs with high-precision operational amplifiers. The integrating of high-precision AFE IP using the same fabrication process technology makes it possible to implement sensor measurement, computation, control, and communications on a single chip.

RX23E-A MCUs are based on the RXv2 core operating at up to 32 MHz, with a DSP, and superlative FPU calculations. This allows the implementation of adaptive control using temperature data and inverse matrix calculations using 6-axis distortion data. The RX23E-A MCUs make it possible to measure the 6-axis distortion data and perform the inverse matrix calculations with a single chip.

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