Op amp avoids oscillation due to load capacitances

July 02, 2020 // By Peter Clarke
Op amp avoids oscillation due to load capacitances
Rohm Co. Ltd. is developing a family of op amps based with high noise immunity under the brand name Emarmour that can avoid the need to use multiple external filters.

Emarmour approach uses nano-capacitor based supply voltage control to achieve stability.

The first device in the family is the BD77501G is optimized for industrial and consumer equipment requiring high-speed sensing, such as anomaly detection systems used in measurement and control equipment along with sensors that work with very small signals.

Conventional high-speed op amps have been susceptible to oscillation due to capacitive loads such as wiring and PCB traces. And with higher density form factors this problem has increased.

Rohm claims the BD77501G is the industry’s first op amp that not only supports slew rates of 10V/microsecond but also completely eliminates oscillation caused by load capacitance.

Whereas the output voltage for conventional products can fluctuate by ±200mV or more across the entire noise frequency band, the BD77501G provides EMI Immunity that limits variation to less than ±20mV.

The part requires a supply voltage in the range 7.0V to 15.0V and supports an industrial temperature range. It is housed in a SSOP5 package measuring 2.9mm by 2.8mm by 1.25mm.

Samples of the BD77501G are available with volume production due in October 2020. Rohm said it would expand the application of this product to the automotive market in the near future.

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