Op amps with improved EMI for industrial, automotive

August 17, 2021 // By Peter Clarke
Op amps with improved EMI for industrial, automotive
The BD87581YG-C and the BD87582FVM-C are rail-to-rail I/O CMOS operational amplifiers from Rohm Co. Ltd. and part of the Emarmour series.

The devices feature an improved EMI immunity for automotive and industrial equipment applications requiring high-speed sensing in harsh environments, such as vehicle engine control units and anomaly detection systems for factory automation equipment.

The BD8758xY op amps have demonstrated superior performance under four international noise evaluation tests. For example, in ISO 11452-2 radio wave emission testing conducted by vehicle manufacturers, the output voltage of standard products fluctuates by more than ±300mV in all frequency bands, while the new BD8758xY series achieves ±10mV or less.

Rohm can supply a SPICE model of the electrical and temperature characteristics of op amps.

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