OxfordPV gets German funds for record-breaking solar cells

January 05, 2021 //By Peter Clarke
OxfordPV gets German funds for record-breaking solar cells
Perovskite solar cell developer Oxford Photovoltaics Ltd (Oxford, England) has been awarded €8.8 million from the Brandenburg Ministry of Economics to support the roll out of manufacturing.

Oxford PV is investing €44 million in the expansion of its manufacturing facility in Brandenburg an der Havel, where the company has had a base since the end of 2016. The Brandenburg grant is in support of this project. Manufacturing is due to start in 2021 ahead of commercial deployment later in the year.

Oxford PV was awarded €3.1 million in 2018 to support the transfer of its technology from the laboratory to industrial-scale equipment and processes.

"The funds will allow us to accelerate the move to commercial manufacturing of our ground breaking cells next year, transforming the global solar market and advancing the adoption of solar around the world," said Frank Averdung, CEO of Oxford PV, in a statement.

Perovskite solar cells are low cost to produce but initially came with low conversion efficiencies.

At the end of 2020 Oxford PV announced it had reached 29.52 percent conversion efficiency of solar energy into electricity and that this figure had been independently certified.

"Our solar cells are critical in accelerating the adoption rate of solar and tackling the ever-worsening issue of climate change. We have a clear roadmap to take this technology beyond 30 percent," said Averdung.

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