Piezo speaker is less than 0.5mm thick

May 21, 2019 //By Julien Happich
Piezo speaker
Measuring 30x30x0.49mm, just under 0.5mm thick, TDK’s ultra-thin piezoelectric speaker PiezoListen is able to produce sound over a 400 to 20,000Hz frequency range.

The piezo speaker delivers a greater output in the low range than any existing piezoelectric speakers, claims the manufacturer, achieving a high sound pressure of 80 dB, even at low voltages of 24VP-P or below. The speakers have a maximum output power of 34 W and an impedance of 2 to 100 Ω. Using TDK’s patented lamination and material technologies, PiezoListen is also one of the thinnest piezo speakers available, enabling designers to overcome installation space constraints. The PiezoListen lineup will be extended in the coming year with a sound positioning speaker with an operating frequency range of 1000 to 20,000 Hz that will allow users to create their own 3D audio experience. Possible applications for PiezoListen are speakers for televisions, tablets, laptops and other devices, as well as for surround sound systems.

TDK Corporation - www.tdk.com

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