Pioneer respins STT-MRAM process for industrial and IoT

March 02, 2020 //By Peter Clarke
Pioneer respins STT-MRAM process for industrial and IoT
Magnetic RAM pioneer Everspin Technologies has said it is developing MRAMs tuned for industrial IOT applications on a 28nm manufacturing process but the parts will not sample until 2H21.

The MRAM process is being altered to deliver rugged attributes required by industrial applications at densities of 8Mbit to 256Mbit and compatibility with serial-toggle MRAM, nvSRAM, ferroelectric RAM and NOR-flash.

Over the -40 to 85C operating temperature range the devices will show SRAM-like performance with low latency and high bandwidth.They will provide standard JEDEC serial interfaces (SPI, QSPI, OSPI, xSPI).

The Industrial/IoT STT-MRAM is currently in development on the same 28nm lithography platform as Everspin's 1Gbit STT-MRAM and will be sampling in the second half of next year. Everspin has previously used Globalfoundries as its manufacturer.

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