Precision IMU comes with CANbus option

April 30, 2019 //By Peter Clarke
Precision IMU comes with CANbus option
Xsens has announced the MTi 600 family of inertial motion sensors supplied in a 31.5mm by 28.0mm by 13.0mm IP51-rated case.

The units provide roll and pitch readings accurate to ±0.2°. GNSS-assisted heading (yaw) measurements are accurate to ±1.0°. Among the products’ new features are a CAN bus interface.

To achieve this performance, Xsens has applied numerous innovations in its latest sensor fusion algorithms, which optimize the output from new accelerometer, gyroscope and magnetometer components. This has allowed it to bring the performance-optimized MTi 600-series to market at unit prices below €300 for production volumes of the MTi-610 IMU.

Meindert Zeeuw, business manager for inertial sensor modules at Xsens, said: "The release of the MTi 600-series promises to disrupt the industrial market for motion sensor modules in the wide space between low-cost, consumer-grade MEMS sensors and the very high-spec, expensive devices used in military/aerospace applications."

The MTi 600-series modules are available for sampling on request. Mass production is expected to begin in July 2019.

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