Pyreos partners with AP Sensing for unique rail monitoring

November 20, 2019 //By Julien Happich
A provider of miniature, rugged, pyroelectric, mid-infrared sensors and detectors, Pyreos is partnering with AP Sensing to provide its ezPyro SMT digital infrared sensors for the Spectrail collaborative project, part of Network Rail’s R&D portfolio of projects which recently was awarded funding from Innovate UK.

AP Sensing is working with several technology partners on the project and has chosen Pyreos to provide the ultra-low power detectors that connect to its fibre optic system. The low-cost IR sensing platform will detect problems like wheel flats, trespass and cable theft before it can impact passengers. The ultimate goal is to automate train inspections and increase data capture, making rail monitoring easier and increasing the types and quantities of assets that can be monitored.
It is the digital capabilities of ezPyro that allow the sensors to be easily configured and integrated into the state-of-the-art Distributed Acoustic Sensing (DAS) network being rolled out by AP Sensing in conjunction with the consortium. Here, the digital ezPyro sensor data is transmitted over a fibre-optic cable via acoustic vibrations, in addition to the data detected using a distributed vibration sensing system. Pyreos is enabling a series of new, lower power evaluation kits for this project so that its sensors can be operated by next-generation energy harvesters in the DAS network.

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