Rambus offers HBM3-ready memory interface IP

August 17, 2021 // By Peter Clarke
Rambus offers HBM3-ready memory interface IP
Rambus Inc. (San Jose, Calif.) is offering a physical interface and digital controller to sit between a processor and HBM3 memory in the form of intellectual property.

HBM stands for high bandwidth memory and is a type of memory interface used in stacked DRAMs. Samsung and SK Hynix make HBM chips.

Rambus HBM3 interface IP supports data rates of up to 8.4Gbps more than double that of high-end HBM2E memory subsystems. This is expected to benefit artificial intelligence machine learning systems and high-performance computing applications.

In addition to the fully-integrated HBM3-ready memory subsystem, Rambus provides its customers with interposer and package reference designs to speed their products to market.

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