Reflective sensor detects black, mirrored and transparent surfaces

September 17, 2019 //By Julien Happich
Reflective sensor
Omron’s B5W Light Convergent Reflective (LCR) optical sensors are particularly effective at identifying black, transparent, reflective and other hard to detect services.

The sensor’s convergent light beam can be accurately set to trigger on the presence of an object within a tightly specified target area, and ignore any objects in the background or foreground. The super-miniature B5W-LB LCR sensor comes in a 40x8.4x15.9mm package, with analogue or digital outputs and a sensing range of 10 to 55mm for white paper, falling to 10 to 40mm for black. The B5W-LB1112 measures just 26x8.4x13mm and offers a sensing distance of 2-10mm for white paper and 3-8mm for black. All digital devices are offered in light-on and light-off form and are sealed to IP50. Applications include detecting transparent cups and glasses in vending machines, diffuse surfaces that scatter incident light like carpets, black surfaces that absorb light and mirrored surfaces and other objects that are often a challenge for traditional sensors.

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