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May 25, 2017 //By Peter Clarke
Samsung adds 4nm and FDSOI processes to roadmap
Samsung Electronics Co. Ltd. has announced a several semiconductor processes that it intends to bring into manufacturing over the next three or four years covering FinFETs, FDSOI and beyond.

Between now and 2020 Samsung expects to bring out a process node per year with an 8nm LPP process is expected to go into production this year and a 7nm LPP to start production in 2018 and feature extreme ultraviolet (EUV) lithography. The 6nm and 5nm process will both start in 2019. The 6nm LPP result from the application of smart-scaling technology to the 7nm EUV process while 5nm LPP will extends the physical scaling limit of FinFETs by implementing technology innovations from the next process generation, 4LPP.

Samsung is clear that it expects EUV production to start at the 7nm node and that 7nm production will start in 2018. However, it may not follow that EUV production will follow in 2018. A conventional engineering approach would be start 7nm using the same production techniques as at the previous node and only once that has been stabilized start to replace immersion lithography with EUV for certain most aggressive layers. This is the approach being taken by Globalfoundries (see Globalfoundries says EUV in production in 2019).

The 18nm FDSOI, expected to enter risk production in 2019, sits in between Globalfoundries 22FDX and 12FDX manufacturing process so that the two companies provide geometry options from Samung's 28nm FDSOI down to 12nm.

Samsung said it will expand its 28FDS process into a broader platform with the addition of radio frequency capabilities and embedded magnetic random access memory (eMRAM) options (see Report: Samsung signs NXP as MRAM-on-FDSOI customer). The 18FDS will provide enhanced power, performance, area trade-offs Samsung said.

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