Sensor and software bundle maximises office space occupancy efficiency

October 05, 2018 // By Julien Happich
The Munich-based mantro GmbH and Osram have jointly developed a novel sensor and software bundle specifically aimed at the analysis and optimised utilisation of office space.

Working is no longer static - more and more companies are opting for flexible workplaces and times. This is accompanied by greater complexity when booking meeting rooms and office space. VISN uses permanently installed room sensors to detect the occupancy of office space in real time. With a browser-based dashboard, employees can immediately recognize which rooms are available or occupied. All persons in the room remain completely anonymous. For facility management, it is also possible to evaluate the number of people present and the periods of use. With the help of this analysis, buildings can be occupied much more efficiently in the long term, which can contribute to savings in heating and cleaning costs, among other things.
VISN is fully compatible to Osram‘s recently launched Lightelligence platform and can therefore be fully integrated into other solutions on the platform.
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