Smaller wireless receiver converts RF to DC power

May 21, 2018 //By Peter Clarke
Smaller wireless receiver converts RF to DC power
The PCC114 Powerharvester is a wireless power receiver and RF-to-DC converter chipset from Powercast Corp. (Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania).

It is dubbed a Powerharvester and comprises the RF-to-DC converter and complementary boost converter IC. It is designed for embedded applications such as smart cards or hearing aids and is a smaller follow on to the PCC110 which has been deployed in industrial and commercial wireless power systems for several years.

The PCC114 receiver chip’s footprint of 1mm by 0.6mm by 0.3mm is seven times smaller than the existing PCC110 footprint of 2mm by 2.1mm by 0.9mm. 

The power source can be an intentional or unintentional RF transmitter. An intentional power source could be Powercast's FCC-approved PowerSpot far-field transmitter that works at up to 80 feet (see Charging consumer goods at up to 80ft distance ).

The PCC114 receiver operates across a wide RF power (-17 to +20dBm) and frequency (10MHz to 6GHz) range, with up to 75 percent efficiency. The complementary PCC210 boost converter IC, which works with both (PCC114 and PCC110) Powerharvester wireless power receiver chips. This PCC210 comes in a SOT23-6 package, can work with inputs down to 0.4V, is capable of 5.5V at 50mA, and offers resistor-programmable output voltage. Reference designs are available, and include schematics, PCB layout, bill of materials and performance data.

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