Startup formed to develop cubic-GaN for LEDs

September 02, 2018 //By Peter Clarke
Startup formed to develop cubic-GaN for LEDs
Kubos Semiconductor Ltd. (Cambridge, England) is a startup formed to further develop and commercialize cubic-GaN for high efficiency, low-cost LEDs using intellectual property from Anvil Semiconductors Ltd. (Coventry, England) and the University of Cambridge.

The company was formed in November 2017 after Plessey Semiconductors, Anvil Semiconductors and the University of Cambridge agreed in 2016 to work together to fabricate high efficiency LEDs in cubic GaN grown on Anvil’s 3C-SiC / Si substrates (see Novel LED technology collaboration tackles green gap challenge ).

The green gap refers to the gap in efficient light production between InGaN, used for blue and blue-green LEDs and AlGaInP, used for red light LEDs.

Kubos founders are listed as Professor David Wallis, who holds a joint chair in compound semiconductors at the Universities of Cardiff and Cambridge; Menno Kappers, a senior member of the Cambridge Centre for GaN; Martin Frentrup, a postdoctoral researcher working on gallium nitride at Cambridge; and Lata Sahonta who has been working with nitride semiconductors for over ten years and specialises in characterisation of III-V devices and materials.

Professor Wallis led the transfer of GaN-on-Si technology from the University of Cambridge to Plessey's production facility in Plymouth in 2012.

Acting CEO Jill Shaw, presented Kubos at a UK cleantech conference in March 2018, where she said that the company has grown cubic-GaN with phase purity close to 100 percent; transferred the c-GaN growth process to production reactors in a commercial LED fab, and demonstrated cubic InGaN quantum-well emission out to 540nm wavelength of light.

The Kubos business model is to remain fabless, use third-party facilities for development and license cubic-GaN technology to large players. The company is already working with Plessey and gained interest from others.

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