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December 09, 2016 //By Peter Clarke
Startup launches configurable power management ICs
AnDapt Inc. (San Jose, Calif.) – a fabless company founded in 2014 – has launched a range of configurable ICs that combine power MOSFETs, analog and digital circuitry and that can be used to create a wide variety of power circuits.

AnDapt was founded in January 2014 and raised a Series A round of finance of $9.7 million in October 2014. Key investors are Intel Capital, Altera, Cisco Systems Inc. and Vanguard, although Intel subsequently consolidated its holding by acquiring Altera.

AnDapt is not the first company to try applying programmability to the analog domain, which has not proved an easy market to crack. Anadigm Inc. (Mesa, Ariz.) was founded in 2000 and continues to offer field programmable analog arrays (FPAAs). Silego Inc. (Santa Clara, Calif.) offers configurable mixed-signal ICs (CMICs) that are "no-code" devices that include op amps, comparators, counters, ADCs, pulse width modulation, simple digital logic up to the complexity of an asynchronous state machine and in some case power transistors.

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