Startup offers SSD controllers with extra functions

August 06, 2019 //By Peter Clarke
Startup offers SSD controllers with extra functions
InnoGrit Corp. (San Jose, Calif.) has unveiled a portfolio of solid-state drive controller ICs with embedded functions to enhance data storage and data transport.

The company was founded in October 2016 and is led by former Marvell CTO Zining Wu. Wu claims that enhanced SSDs for flash storage remove a roadblock to artificial intelligence and other applications in the data center, enterprise and client environments.

InnoGrit has announced the Tacoma, Rainier and the Shasta family of SSD controller ICs – aimed at various data center and enterprise, and client segments.

Tacoma (IG5668)

Tacoma is a 16/12nm FinFET data center and enterprise SSD controller with PCIe Gen 4 by 4 interface, NVMe 1.4, 16 NAND channels and up to 32Tbytes capacity. Tacoma can reach up to 7Gbyte/s sequential read and 6.1Gbytes/s sequential write and more than 1.5 million IOPs random read performance. Optimized for low latency storage class memory (SCM), Tacoma is able to achieve 10-microsecond read latency for intensive I/O applications when combined with low latency XL-FLASH from Kioxia, formerly Toshiba Memory. Tacoma features atomic write and in-storage computation with a deep learning accelerator for optimized system performance.

Featured with Innogrit’s proprietary error correction code (ECC) technology, Tacoma ensures data integrity by end-to-end data protection and enhances data reliability throughout the SSD lifespan. Tacoma is offered in the small 17x17mm BGA package and can support M.2, U.2, and EDSFF form factors.

Rainier (IG5236)

Rainier is an NVMe controller with PCIe Gen 4 by 4 interface and NVMe1.4 standard. Rainier utilizes 8 NAND channels and is built with the security and data protection in mind. Rainier can reach 7Gbyte/s sequential read and 6.1Gbyte/s sequential write and more than 1 million IOPs random read performance. Rainier provides a comprehensive data protection scheme through SRAM ECC and end- to-end data path protection. Rainier supports all major 2D and 3D flash memories at the maximum capacity of 16Tbytes.

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