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August 06, 2019 //By Peter Clarke
Startup offers SSD controllers with extra functions
InnoGrit Corp. (San Jose, Calif.) has unveiled a portfolio of solid-state drive controller ICs with embedded functions to enhance data storage and data transport.

The Shasta Family (Shasta - IG5208 & Shasta+ - IG5216)

Shasta (IG5208) is an industry-leading NVMe controller for M.2 and BGA SSD form factors. Utilizing the PCIe Gen3x2 interface and NVMe1.3 standard, Shasta features a DRAM-less architecture with full support of the Host Memory Buffer (HMB) function. Shasta delivers up to 1750Mbyte/s sequential read and 1500Mbye/s sequential write and 250K IOPs random read performance without the cost burden of expensive DRAM in an SSD. Shasta is available in capacities up to 2Tbyte and supports SLC, MLC, TLC, and QLC flash. Equipped with end-to-end data protection, low power capability and its small form factor, Shasta is ideal for IoT and consumer electronics without the complicated thermal solutions.

Shasta+ (IG5216) is the next-generation controller in the Shasta family offering a significant performance upgrade via a PCIe Gen3x4 NVMe interface, delivering up to 3.2GB/s sequential read and 2.5GB/s sequentional write and up to 500K IOPS random read performance. Similar to Shasta, Shasta+ is available with up to 2TB of capacity and features end-to-end data protection, SRAM with ECC protection, Open Channel support, and other similar features. Shasta+ is targeted at client applications with enhanced QLC performance and flexible packaging support for M.2, U.2, and BGA SSD.

InnoGrit’s new Tacoma, Rainier and Shasta Family of SSD controllers are currently sampling.

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