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February 16, 2021 //By Peter Clarke
UK developers are the highest paid in Europe
UK software developers are the highest paid in Europe and third highest in the world, according to research by software developer recruitment platform CodinGame.

CodinGame points out that salary is highly dependent on the sector where the software is applied. It can make a big difference depending on whether the coder is employed in security or insurance at the high end or education, and public administration at the low end.

Average UK software engineers' annual salary in 2021 by position. Source: CodinGame.

Also headline salary is not the only consideration in employment. Job seekers value technical challenge and flexibility of working hours and location more highly than salary, CodinGame said. Also, the buying power of high salaries in the US are strongly impacted by the cost of healthcare. Similarly, those being asked to work in large cities may find their desposable income eroded by high living costs.

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