Ultrasonic echolocation offered for 3D collision avoidance

October 18, 2021 // By Peter Clarke
Ultrasonic echolocation offered for 3D collision avoidance
The Echo One ultrasonic sensor, from Toposens GmH, provides guidance for Automated Guided Vehicles (AGVs), robots, and other industrial applications. 

The industrial grade sensor development kit, called Echo One DK, is based on Toposens' 3D ultrasonic technology, which mimics bats' echolocation techniques.

Echo One works in harsh environments and includes an IP67 protection rating, is dirt tolerant and not affected by dust, smoke, and mist.

The Echo One can detect multiple objects in an operating range from 20cm up to 3m and consumes 2.2W. It offers a field-of-view of up to 180 degrees in ultra-short range and up to 110 degrees at 3m.

The development kit comes with a CAN and USB interface and the following software packages: Toposens Sensor Library (C++-Library), ROS Implementation Package, Cross-Platform Toposens 3D Visualizer.

Toposens is partnering with such companies as Infineon, Murata and Nvidia, which supply Xensiv MEMS microphones, passive components, and post-processing computation platforms.

"Our biggest asset is our innovative combination of unique hardware configuration and software packages, based on patented 3D and time-of-flight algorithms and noise filtering, processing ultrasonic echo data into reliable 3D data," said Tobias Bahnemann, CEO and co-Founder of Toposens, in a statement.

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