US fab part of TSMC capex surge to $28 billion: Page 3 of 3

January 15, 2021 // By Peter Clarke
US fab part of TSMC capex surge to $28 billion
Foundry TSMC, has set a capital expenditure budget for 2021 of between $25 billion and $28 billion, that will leave other chipmakers gasping in its wake.

The executives were also asked if TSMC would turn the Arizona wafer fab into a so-called mega-fab.

TSMC chairman Mark Liu answered: "We recently acquired a big piece of land in Phoenix, 1,100 acres. Definitely that was the long-term plan to have a mega-scale production sites. But currently our plan is only work on the phase one production, I'm talking 2024 with 20,000 wafers per month. Going forward we will see, according to the market condition and the cost economics provided by the government support to mend the cost differences to decide the next steps."

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