Volkswagen has given engineering a black eye: Page 3 of 3

October 05, 2015 //By Bill Schweber
Volkswagen has given engineering a black eye
Bill Schweber ponders the mess Volkswagen has got themselves in and considers the risk you will not be able to trust the data from a trillion sensors. He praises the age-old wisdom of the crosscheck and approaching a result from two or more different directions.

[Note: if you are interested in reading more on this and his other papers, check out "Einstein's Miraculous Year: Five Papers That Changed the Face of Physics" – even if you can't follow Einstein's analysis in each paper (I certainly can't), each paper has detailed, clarifying introduction.]

Bill Schweber, is an electronics engineer and author who has written for EE Times, was analog editor at EDN and prior to that worked in marketing communications for Analog Design and was also editor of its technical journal.

This article first appeared on EE Times' Planet Analog website

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