X-Fab optimizes BCD-on-SOI for actuators, power management

February 20, 2020 //By Peter Clarke
-Fab optimizes BCD-on-SOI for actuators, power management
X-Fab Silicon Foundries SE (Tessenderlo, Begium) has announced the availability of medium-voltage transistors – complementing the company’s leading 180nm BCD-on-SOI technology platform (XT018).

Complementary NMOS/PMOS transistors cover 12V to 32V and support automotive AEC-Q100 grade 0 designs. X-Fab's XT018 manufacturing process also offers SONOS-based Flash and embedded EEPROM.

Inclusion of these medium-voltage transistors as an option opens up applications with actuators and for PMICs.

X-Fab is also in volume production of 70V to 125V transistors that it disclosed in summer 2019. These devices are mainly targeted at automotive 48V battery management system (BMS) ICs. X-Fab has received multiple customer designs that utilize the different voltage options in automotive, industrial and consumer applications.

BCD-on-SOI brings advantages compared to bulk BCD. These include latch-up free circuits, strong EMC resilience, lowest substrate coupling for fast switching DC/DC converters and simplified handling of below ground transients. By avoiding the use of some guard rings and other devices die size can also be reduced resulting in lower costs per die.

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