Zero-drift op amp comes with EMI filtering

January 15, 2019 // By Peter Clarke
Zero-drift op amp comes with EMI filtering
Microchip has developed a 'zero-drift' operational amplifier aimed at industrial applications that runs at voltages from 4.5V up to 45V and includes on-chip electromagnetic interference (EMI) filters.

The part – MCP6V51 –  has a self-correcting zero-drift architecture that enables direct current precision with a maximum offset of ±15 microvolts and ±36 nanovolts per degree Celsius (nV/°C) of maximum offset drift. The maximum quiescent current is 590 microamps.

The part has a gain-bandwidth product of 2MHz and the wide voltage range makes the same part suitable for industrial programmable logic controllers whether they are running on voltage rails of 12V, 24V or 36V.

The MCP6V51 is available today for sampling and volume production in both 5-lead SOT-23 and 8-lead MSOP packages.

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