Increasing Power Density With the Active Clamp Flyback Controller

01 Dec 2020

This technical note discusses how a Transition-Mode active clamp flyback (ACF) converter can be used to recover leakage energy and reduce or remove switching losses, compared to a QRF.

Practical Thermal Design With DC/DC Power Modules

01 Dec 2020

All DC/DC power modules generate heat. Until devices with 100% efficiency hit the market, there’s just no way around this reality. One of the best ways to manage this heat is through PCB copper. But how much is needed? Use this step-by-step guide to come up with a quick and easy estimate.

GaN drives energy efficiency to the next level

01 Dec 2020

This white paper explores how GaN-based power supply solutions focus on enabling system designers to save space and achieve greater power efficiency while simplifying the design process and supporting creation of energy-efficient systems for a greener world.

Understanding the trade-offs and technologies to increase power density

01 Dec 2020

Read this white paper where we examine the barriers of achieving higher power density and to learn about technologies that can help you overcome them.

ISO 26262: What does it mean for battery management?

01 Dec 2020

Learn how battery management ICs can help streamline your functional safety design.

Thermal design concerns for buck converters in high-power automotive applications

25 Aug 2020

Following the techniques in this article, a converter design’s thermal performance can be estimated before building the first prototype board. This will enable fasterto- market project builds and avoid thermal issues down the road. In designs where thermal performance is an issue, the techniques outlined in this article can be used to further improve thermal performance and finish the PCB

Choosing buck converters and LDOs for miniature industrial automation equipment: what to consider

25 Aug 2020

As the field sensor housing gets smaller, the constraint on PCB size becomes more of a challenge for board designers to provide power to the sensors. In this case, the LMR36506 is an option for meeting this challenge.

Overcoming challenges for backlight LED drivers in automotive display solutions

25 Aug 2020

Read TI's new technical article to learn how we're resolving the complexities of larger screen sizes in automotive applications.

Battery chargers: fundamentals

25 Aug 2020

Learn about basic concepts of designing with battery chargers. Make sure to check our portfolio of battery chargers.

Combining buck-boost battery chargers and USB Type-C™ Power Delivery for maximum power density

25 Aug 2020

This paper examines the benefits of combining USB Type-C PD and buck-boost charging for portable electronic designs

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